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tutorMyself Chemistry is all you need to get to grips with the latest Edexcel iGCSE Chemistry Specification (2017).

  • Notes linked to each exam spec point
  • Topics which are easy to follow and each contain a manageable set of spec points
  • Flashcards for each topic
  • Past paper database linked directly to each exam spec point

The main idea of the site is that tutorMyself Chemistry has already done the notes, so it’s just up to you to memorise these and start to test yourself as early as possible. This is because the sooner you start testing yourself, the sooner you’ll start putting the facts and concepts into your long-term memory. That’s the most important thing you can do, because it’s your memory you’ll be taking in the exam, not some fancy-coloured notes.

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Section 1: Principles of chemistry

      a) States of matter

      b) Atoms

      c) Atomic structure

     d) Relative formula masses and molar volumes of gases

     e) Chemical formulae and chemical equations

     f) Ionic compounds

     g) Covalent substances

     h) Metallic crystals

     i) Electrolysis

 Section 2: Chemistry of the elements

     a) The Periodic Table

     b) Group 1 elements: lithium, sodium and potassium

     c) Group 7 elements: chlorine, bromine and iodine

     d) Oxygen and oxides

     e) Hydrogen and water

     f) Reactivity series

     g) Tests for ions and gases

Section 3: Organic chemistry

     a) Introduction

     b) Alkanes

     c) Alkenes

     d) Ethanol

Section 4: Physical chemistry

     a) Acids, alkalis and salts

     b) Energetics

     c) Rates of reaction

     d) Equilibria

Section 5: Chemistry in industry

     a) Extraction and uses of metals

     b) Crude oil

     c) Synthetic polymers

     d) The industrial manufacture of chemicals