From the data in the table, it is possible to deduce the properties of francium from the trends in the other group 1 metals.

For example, we can predict that francium will have a melting point around 20⁰C and a density of just over 2g/cm³.

We can also predict that francium will react violently with water, producing francium hydroxide and hydrogen.

Alkali metalMelting point (⁰C)Density (g/cm³)Reaction with waterProducts
lithium (Li)1810.53fizzinglithium hydroxide + hydrogen
sodium (Na)980.97rapid fizzingsodium hydroxide + hydrogen
potassium (K)630.86vigorous fizzing and lilac flamepotassium hydroxide + hydrogen
rubidium (Rb)391.53?rubidium hydroxide + hydrogen
caesium(Cs)291.88?caesium hydroxide + hydrogen
francium (Fr)????