1. What is produced when ethanol is oxidised by heating with the oxidising agent potassium dichromate(VI) (K₂Cr₂O₇) in dilute sulfuric acid (H₂SO₄)?

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2. Name this molecule

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3. What observation is made when an aqueous solution of a carboxylic acid reacts with a metal? What product is responsible for this observation?

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4. What is the functional group of an ester?

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5. What common food-stuff contains a high proportion of ethanoic acid?

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In the production of ethanol by fermentation, why is the process done in the absence of air?

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7. Of which homologous series is -COOH the functional group?

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8. State the conditions needed for the manufacture of ethanol using ethene and steam.

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9. What is the molecular formula of methanol?

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10. Name 2 uses of esters

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11. Which ester is produced when ethanol and ethanoic acid react in the presence of an acid catalyst?

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12. Of which homologous series is -OH the functional group?

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13. What is the name of this ester?

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14. What type of reaction is esterification (the making of an ester)?

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