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1. Explain what is meant by electric current

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2. Describe the structure of metals

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3. Nitric acid and silver nitrate are added to a solution containing iodide ions. Describe the result.

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4. In paper chromatography if several dyes rise up the paper, why might another dyes not rise?

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5. Is potassium nitrate soluble?

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6. If an atom loses electrons what happens to its charge?

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7. Explain how crude oil is separated into fractions

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8. When NaOH is added to a sample, the resultant gas turns damp red litmus paper blue. What cation was present in the sample?

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9. What is the formula for calcium bromide?

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10. Put these 3 alkali metals in order of reactivity, starting with the most reactive: potassium, francium, lithium

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