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1. Which gas will bleach moist litmus paper?

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2. If an atom loses electrons what happens to its charge?

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3. What is the unit of solubility?

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4. What is produced when an alkene reacts with bromine?

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5. How many neutrons in a typical atom of hydrogen?

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6. What is the name of this molecule?

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7. Describe the energy of particles in a liquid

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8. On a graph showing gas produced (vertical axis) over time (horizontal axis), how does the line tell us the rate of reaction?

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9. Why would there be no reaction when iodine was added to sodium bromide solution?

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10. The overall equation for the decomposition of water is: 2H₂O(l) → 2H₂(g) + O₂(g) Use this equation to explain why the volume of hydrogen collected should be twice that of the volume of oxygen.

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