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1. Write the word equation for the reaction between methane and bromine

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2. Work out the empirical formula of an oxide of chlorine contains 7.1 g of chlorine and 1.6 g of oxygen.

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3. Describe an experiment to prepare a pure, dry sample of an insoluble salt, starting from two soluble reactants

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4. Which is more reactive: iron, copper, magnesium or aluminium?

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5. What will happen to the equilibrium position when we add a catalyst? Give a reason for your prediction. 2A (s) + B (g) ⇋ C (g) + D (g) (-∆H)

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6. What is the universal indicator colour of a weakly acid solution?

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7. Define the term Solvent

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8. What is meant by the term exothermic?

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9. Write ionic half-equations for the reactions at the electrodes in aluminium extraction

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10. To determine the formula of a metal oxide by combustion, magnesium is heated in a crucible. Why is the crucible is cooled, weighed, reheated, cooled, re-weighed, and so on?

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