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1. What 2 properties makes esters useful in food flavourings and in perfumes?

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2. What is the name for this piece of lab equipment?

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3. In a flame test, a lilac colour is seen. Give the formula of the cation which is present.

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4. When testing a sample for ions, hydrochloric acid and then barium chloride are added to a sample. A white precipitate forms. What is the name of that precipitate?

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5. What is meant by the term activation energy?

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6. What is meant by the term element?

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7. Is barium nitrate soluble?

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8. What does the following diagram represent?

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9. Describe how you would test for sulfate ions (SO₄²⁻) and what is the result if they are present?

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10. What colour is hydrated copper (II) sulfate?

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