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1. What is the atomic number of a beryllium atom?

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2. Explain why experimental values of enthalpy change differ from theoretical values

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3. What type of reaction takes place when bromine reacts with an alkene?

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4. What is the name of this ester?

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5. What happens when something melts?

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6. Give the name of the blue precipitate formed when sodium hydroxide is added to a solution containing Cu²⁺

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7. What gas makes up 78% of Earth's atomosphere?

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8. What will happen to the equilibrium position when we increase pressure ? Give a reason for your prediction. A (g) + B (g) ⇋ C (g) + D (g) (+∆H)

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9. What happens to the rate of reaction if the concentration of solutions is INCREASED?

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10. A beaker of 1.5 mol/dm³ calcium chloride solution contains 0.3 mol of calcium chloride. What is the volume of the solution?

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