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1. Calcium carbonate reacts with an excess of hydrochloric acid in a flask. The volume of carbon dioxide given off is measured in a gas syringe. This is shown on the graph. How would the graph look different if the reaction was done with twice the volume of the acid?

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2. What will happen to the yield of C when the pressure is decreased? Give a reason for your prediction. A (g) + B (g) ⇋ C (g) (+∆H)

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3. Write the word equation to represent the reaction between nitric acid and copper carbonate

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4. State two properties of aluminium that make it suitable for use in food cans

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5. Is copper carbonate soluble?

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6. What is the formula for lithium nitride?

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7. How many electrons in an oxide ion?

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8. Gas particles move at a speed of several hundred metres per second at room temperature. Explain why gases take several minutes to diffuse across a room

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9. Name this molecule

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10. What is the formula for vanadium (V) oxide?

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