1. A sample of carbon contained 98.90% carbon-12 and 1.10% carbon-13. Calculate the relative atomic mass of carbon

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2. Write the electronic configuration of potassium

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3. Tungsten has the chemical symbol W. Suggest the chemical name of WO₃.

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4. A compound that contained 24.24% Carbon. 4.04% Hydrogen and 71.72% Chlorine and has a relative molecular mass of 99. Calculate the empirical formula and the molecular formula.

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5. Which particle(s) in an atom has the smallest mass?

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6. Calculate the relative formula mass(Mr) of aluminium nitrate (Al(NO₃)₃)

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7. To determine the formula of a metal oxide by combustion, magnesium is heated in a crucible. Why is the crucible is cooled, weighed, reheated, cooled, re-weighed, and so on?

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8. What is meant by the term molecular formula?

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9. How many protons in a silicon atom?

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